Models for Exhibition – 3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Expo

3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Expo

3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Expo

Looking for a mode to convey your Smart idea concept? Well we can fix your problem.

3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Expo

The goal of any innovation is to create a positive change, to imagine something new that will become a reality. iKix 3D Prints and models is a technology wave helping you to transform your engineering and abstract vision to reality, creating and adding value to your thoughts. iKix is one of the leading 3D Print Services Companies delivering excellent realistic models crafted to perfection and executed and delivered with passion.

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Our Model Making Services:

  • Infrastructure Model Making
  • Project Model Making
  • Villa Model Making
  • Engineering Model Making
  • Building Model Making
  • Mechanical Model Making
  • Showcase Model Making
  • Architectural Model Making
  • Real Model Making
  • Landscape Model Making
  • Cityscape Model Making
  • Industrial Models Making
  • 3D Architectural Model Making
  • Custom Model Making
  • 3D Infrastructural Model Making
  • Miniatures Model Making
  • Mechanical Model Making
  • 3d Model Making
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  • Architectural Models Making
  • Master Planning Models Making
  • Architect Model Making
  • Construction Model making
  • Structural Models Making
  • Scale Models Making
  • Interior Models Making
  • Roads Models Making
  • Historical Models Making
  • Topographic Models Making
  • Prototypes Models Making
  • Building Models Making
  • 3D Scale Model Making
  • Commercial Building Model Making
  • Factory Model Making
  • Residential Model Making
  • Infrastructural Model Making
  • Planning Model Making
  • Model Making Company

Our value added services:

  • We leverage our expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to help our customers innovate faster and more efficiently
  • We strive to be our customers’ preferred partner by providing best-in-class services,
  • iKix provides design-to manufacturing solutions, empowering customers to bring their ideas to life.
  • 24 bits (CMYK) color models
  • iKix services replace complemented traditional methods with improved results and reduced time to outcomes.
  • These solutions are used to rapidly design, create, communicate, plan, guide, prototype device and                  assemblies, thereby enabling customer’s to manufacture the future.