Custom Model Making : Arts & Sculptures

custom model making

custom model making

custom model making

iKix 3D Prints provides the tools to create complex objects – sculpting items that are nearly impossible to carve out of wood or create in clay. With iKix, you can prototype a design, endlessly refine or change the design and manufacture the prototype in materials like plastic or ceramic.

An entirely new universe is open for fine artists to realize their vision in 3D.

Benefits of iKix 3D Prints for Arts and Entertainment

  • Gallery Presentation

Improve communications and client comprehension. The iKix custom model making service provides an easy way to display specific design features of the sculpture that are not easily visualized by the client. iKix can create custom 3d printing directly from Hand Sketch

  • Concept Visualization

Hand Sketch of the Arts & Sculptures can be 3D designed at iKix and it can be shown to sculptor before we go for print. Textures can be applied on the surface of the model

  • Conceptual Design Tool

iKix can create conceptual design of Big Monument models to accurately depict their relationship, allowing for clear understanding of each element in the designs as they are distinctly colored

  • Design Approval

Navigate this turbulent process smoothly with iKix models. Even for difficult in-fill projects, the iKix models have created understanding and eased tensions enabling board and Government approvals to allow your projects to move forward

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