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builders & developers

builders & developers.

builders & developers.

builders & developers

Builders and Developers are benefitted by iKix 3D Prints because they will be able to clearly and quickly convey their concepts along the process and avoid delays. Design iterations are easily made. The clients will be able to visualize the final project, ultimately benefitting the builder or developer. Ikix models are stronger than conventional models and will not buckle over time.

Benefits for Builders and Developers:

  • Site Planning and Development 

iKix models integrate the topography and building to accurately depict their relationship. Our models are ideal for massing studies, providing an accurate, scaled representation of the site

  • Financing Tool

iKix models provide the perfect communication tool, providing a realistic depiction of the entire project to create understanding and excitement to your sales presentation

  • Marketing and Sales Tool

Showcase your work - in the office, at client meetings, in competitions, or at marketing events—iKix models provide an accurate rendition of your vision and are a great tool for securing future clients

  • City and County Approval Boards

Navigate this turbulent process smoothly with iKix models. Even for difficult in-fill projects, the iKix models have created understanding and eased tensions enabling board approvals to allow your projects to move forward

  • Vendor Evaluation

Architects to submit models with their proposals to win the bidding with the Builders and Developers

  • Manage Customer Expectations

Many clients cannot visualize from 2D drawings. iKix 3D Prints helps builders and developers to understand and identify changes prior to the initial building process. iKix models integrate the topography and building, to accurately depict their relationship, allowing for clear understanding of building design, hardscapes and landscapes

  • Specification Home Sale

Close the deal and reduce your carrying costs with the use of iKix models. The models create a dynamic sales tool enabling the prospective buyer to realistically visualize the finished home

  • Client Gifts

Increase customer satisfaction and referrals by presenting your client with a model on "move in day" or to celebrate ground breaking

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