Infrastructure & Engineering Models

Infrastructural Model Making.

Infrastructural Model Making.

Infrastructural Model Making

iKix is revolutionizing the 3D printed model making for Infrastructure & Engineering industry with its automated model building process. Our models integrate your building and topography to create a scaled physical vision of your design. Our commitment is to provide you with models that are of professional quality, affordably priced and delivered quickly.

Benefits for Infrastructure and Engineering:

  • Client Visualization

Improve communications and client comprehension. The iKix model provides an easy way to display and discuss specific architectural features of elevations, roof lines and other items that are not easily visualized by the client

  • Design and Siting Tool

iKix models integrate the topography and building to accurately depict their relationship. Our models are ideal for massing studies, providing an accurate, scaled representation of the site

  • Permit Approval Boards

Navigate this turbulent process smoothly with iKix models. Even for difficult in-fill projects, the iKix models have created understanding and eased tensions enabling board approvals to allow your projects to move forward

  • Manage Customer Expectations

Many clients cannot visualize from 2D drawings. Ensure understanding and identify changes prior to building

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